4 Amazing Tourist Attractions in the Balkans for Travelers

The Balkans, popular region in Europe and contains several countries that boast unspoiled nature, relaxing coastlines, historical towns, mountains, and everything in between. It is also called as Balkans Peninsula. This European region has a lot of things to offer including forests, beaches, architecture, cuisine, castles, and so on. In my opinion, you must explore this underrated region of the world at least once in a lifetime, whether you are travelling enthusiast or not. If you are planning a trip to see the different regions of the world, then add the Balkans to your bucket list. You won’t regret visiting its different parts like Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania etc. Not sure where to begin? Before choosing any region for exploring, you are requested to open coupon.ae for grabbing Etihad Airways voucher code. What’s next? Insert this voucher at the time of booking your tickets and take major reduction in fares. To help you pick the best location, we have picked some top tourist spots of the Balkans. So, choose your favorite spot by checking out the list.

Rugova Mountains, Kosovo:

This national park offers plenty of adventurous winter sports to visitors. If you want to visit this region in summer, it has a lot more things to offer in the form of tall peaks, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, greenery, and caves. In short, it is a pace for adventurers such as backpackers, trekkers, hikers, and climbers. What more could you ask for? It is such a wonderful and exciting place to visit this summer. Add this to your travelling list right now.

Maramures, Romania:

For long vacations, choose this region and must visit this spot. You will come across with wooden architecture, lush forests, small villages, and scenic landscapes. Don’t forget to take a train ride in order to uncover some staggering locations. If you want to feel the natural vibe in the form of greenery, you can select this region without any doubt. Search Etihad Airways voucher code on coupon.ae and catch unbelievable reduction on the travelling costs such as flight tickets.

Lake Skadar, Montenegro:

It is considered as the national treasure and boasts a huge variety of wildlife and plants. It’s amazing location and surrounding makes it a biggest tourist attraction in the world. You can do plenty of activities here such as bird-watching, cruise trip, swimming, and even fishing. This lake provides a great escape from your everyday and hectic life routine. The atmosphere is really relaxing at this lake that helps to recharge your mind and body for future work.

Rovinj, Croatia:

This old town lies on the coat of Adriatic Sea. In summer, this spot is filled with tourists and travelers due to its crystal-clear water, night clubs, beaches, and other fun activities. It is a wonderful place to visit if your goal is to relax your mind. Make your trip possible even in a limited budget with the support of coupon.ae after using Etihad Airways voucher code. In this way, you can acquire utmost concession on flight fares.