Have you ever dreamed about a country for your perfect holiday?

And who didn’t? Maybe you can think about private tours of Croatia. Stunning nature, amazing beaches with thick shadow and crystal-clear sea to dip in, beautiful coastline decorated with more than a thousand islands – 1244 to be more precise, stunning stone cities with a rich history, great gastro offer and world-class nightlife, natural phenomena, delicious and diverse food all of that and much more you will find in Croatia. This beautiful Mediterranean European country has everything needed for a great holiday, still, it is relatively small, excellently connected with the rest of Europe, and even greatly located to be part of some wider European itinerary that includes other countries.
Croatia borders Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and can easily be combined with other nearby countries such as Albania Greece, Czech Republic, and Austria …. This makes Croatia an ideal destination for small group touring and exploring in Private tours. Most of the itineraries start in the Croatian capital Zagreb and then go down to the south and cities of Split and Dubrovnik located at the striking Croatian coast and region of Dalmatia. The city of Split is a great starting point to explore Croatian islands and the region of Dalmatia.
Some ideas for day trips you can find on 
Excursions from Split .
As already mentioned, one of the best ways to explore Croatia is to book a private tour, this could be a great value for money, you not only choose and customize your itineraries according to your preferences but you also choose who you travel with.
For this kind of service, it is best to contact Professional tour operators and agencies that are experts in this field of tourism. Magellan travel agency is a Croatian travel agency, based in Split Croatia, experts for private tours and tailor-made tours in Croatia and the region. You can find their offer at the following link: 
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