The travel industry is ripped for blockchain disruption

It is the perfect time when the travel industry seems so much ripped for blockchain disruption due to the range of service providers and intermediaries that are collectively knitting a tangled web of communication in the traveler’s journey. In actually established players are already used to with the technology and that’s why they are not finding themselves disrupted by blockchain technology. This article will discuss the top 5 startups using blockchain in the travel industry:

  • Atlas:

Atlas has hotel partners Hyatt and Shangri-La while its airline partners are Qatar airways and Cathy Pacific. Atlas aims to connect businesses and consumers with a smart contract infrastructure that is a part of the decentralized traveling ecosystem. This is an initiative taken by Zan Wu.

  • Exvisa:

Exvisa is going to redefine the whole working setup of immigration and it is the most innovative, smart, and highly effective technique that is going to conquer the traveling industry very soon. The CEO of is Mr. Tolga Akcay is a Turkish-German entrepreneur who is working on the latest technology of Exvisa using blockchain to completely change the entire process of immigration, emigration, and relocation. Exvisa is transforming visa and passport into a digital visa and passport. Tolga Akcay says that technology is going to benefit the traveling industry in many ways:

  • The online visa and passport will help immigration authorities and boundary securities to work more efficiently with the ease of Exvisa.
  • Exvisa will add a new and better layer of protecting security for states, regions, and countries.
  • Electronic visa and passport will prevent illegal immigration and fake travel documentation.
  • Exvisa will secure the data and information with its foolproof security system using cryptonizing of data before transferring into any blockchain.
  • It will open a horizon of opportunities for countries and companies to select people according to their abilities and skills.
  • There is no chance of hacking and concern authorities will get facilitated when they need this data.
  • Winding Tree:

This decentralized travel ecosystem is powered by blockchain. With the help of the winding tree travel industry will get rid of online travel agency models that are mostly run by a handful of large companies. It is a non-profit organization that will assure commission-free interactions using smart contracts on the blockchain that will enable connections between travel services and other services providers such as hotels, airlines, etc. Maksim Izmaylov is the CEO of the winding tree foundation.

  • Beenest:

It is basically ‘’the blockchain version of Airbnb’’. This short term rental platform will eliminate the middlemen and connect renters with owners of the property directly by using peer-to-peer networking.

  • Trippki:

To eliminate the middlemen between holidaymakers and their desired hotels Trippki is hopefully going to work effectively. It means Trippki is a future platform for hotel booking with reward built-in. It is a group of blockchain enthusiasts and like-minded travelers. The immense opportunity of blockchain technology is introducing new payment systems to reduce commissions.