Facts About Cancun you didn’t know

Cancun is one of the most important tourist sites today, and it is not surprising, because the beauty of its beaches and the beautiful places that characterize this city are just some of the reasons why traveling to Cancun is increasingly a necessity for travelers. This city is well known that cities like this have multiculturalism so impressive that almost anyone who travels to a destination like this will feel at home, to this we add that Mexicans have a great sense of empathy and are very friendly to tourists and travelers who visit the city.

This post is to let you know some of the things that you didn’t know about Cancun and that you might appreciate it if you consider this city should be considered as your next destination to visit.

One of the main things you need to know about this city is that Cancun is joined to the hotel zone by a bridge called the Calinda’s Bridge because previously, the hotel zone was an island separated from the city.

The original name of Cancun translated from the Mayan language means Snake’s Nest or Cradle of Snakes. Many people don’t know it. Still, before being called Cancun, this land was called Ekab, which translated from Mayan to Spanish means black land.

Cancun is divided into three sectors, Cancun Downtown, Cancun hotel zone, and Cancun excursion area and archaeological sites, besides having the Caribbean Sea on the left side and Nichupte lagoon on the right, ideal for diversifying your trip!

Cancun has the second most famous airport in all of Mexico, so getting it is easy from international flight departures. Getting from there to your destination will be accessible when you get a Cancun Airport Car rental service or the Car rental Cancun by City Car Rental appropriate for you.

Cancun is one of the most critical places in the world for water activities such as snorkeling and diving because it has one of the largest extensions of reef and coral.

Cancun has a Wax Museum, and this one is not very well known. So you can visit it whenever you want in the afternoon, without fear of people flooding the site, this one is located in Plaza la Isla, and you can find real size sculptures of famous Hollywood artists.

Cancun has Archaeological Zones. And you can’t miss any of them; two famous ones are San Miguelito, located inside the Mayan Museum of Cancun (which you can’t lose either). The second one is El Rey, located at the exit of the Hotel Zone on the Cancun Hotel Zone – Airport road. In both places, you will discover an entirely new way to enjoy Cancun. You will forget about thinking that Cancun is only famous for its beautiful beaches.

Cancun has a natural park that is the lungs of the city called “Parque Urbano Kabah” that you can not miss for anything. In this park you will find hundreds of species of inhabitants of the area such as white-tailed deer, coatis, river turtles, toucans, more than 20 species of birds, iguanas, among others, you will also like to take a tour in the park and take hundreds of photos.

There is no doubt that Cancun is an awesome place, so don’t think twice and get to know all these sites and facts about the city to enjoy your trip to the fullest.