What to Expect if you are taking CBD for the first time

Cannabidiol has become a hugely popular drug. However, if this is your first time trying it, you might not know what to expect. Does it get you high? How can you find a CBD product that works? Many CBD companies make wild claims about their products, adding to the confusion. We want to clarify the situation and let you know what to expect when you first start taking CBD.

CBD Dosage for Beginners

If you are not getting the desired effects or your tolerance is increasing, increase the dose slowly.

A low dose, 5-10 mg, should be used for beginners. A 500mL bottle will yield a dropper that contains 16.6 mg. In this case, half-droppers can be used 2 to 3 times daily. A 30 mL CBD bottle contains 30 drops. Don’t overdo the CBD dosage as it can cause unwanted side effects and not increase the benefits.

What to Expect When You Take CBD for the First Time

You’ll feel nothing the first time you take high-quality CBD products. The effects can take up to an hour depending on how the product is delivered.

What is the time it takes for CBD to work?

  • Vape Products take less than 2 minutes to kick in.
  • Sublingual Tinctures can take 20 minutes to activate.
  • Topicals can take between 30 and an hour to kick in.
  • Edibles gummies take between 60 to 90 minutes to kick in.
  • Capsules/Pills take 60 to 90 minutes to kick in.

However, there is a tradeoff. Products that are the fastest to work tend to be more efficient and burn faster. Even though a vape product can work almost immediately, its effects may fade in as little as 3 hours. Pills and edibles take longer to work but can last for up to 6 hours. Decide which benefits are most important for you.

How does CBD feel when you first take it?

It’s not like smoking pot. You won’t feel the effects like a freight train. Cannabidiol’s effects are subtler and you may feel little at first.

The first dose of cannabidiol you take is only your initial loading dose. Cannabidiol is a fatty-cell binder and is slowly released from the body. With each dose, your body’s level of cannabidiol will increase. The effects are more powerful and noticeable. Don’t worry if you don’t feel any immediate effects.

Some users feel a sense of relaxation, calm, or euphoria when the effects kick in. Some users reported feeling a sense of relaxation or pain relief. Some users may experience mild drowsiness. CBD shouldn’t hinder your ability to drive, work or get on with your day.

You should verify that you have a certificate from a third-party testing laboratory if you don’t feel any effects after taking a few doses. This certificate is often available on the manufacturer’s site. This certificate certifies that the product contains the advertised amount of cannabidiol. This certificate is required by the manufacturer to confirm that you have not been sold a poor CBD product.

CBD: Should You Try It?

Although the exact therapeutic effects of cannabidiol remain to be determined, they are still being studied and evaluated. However, millions of people swear by them. Although results may differ, there is no harm in trying to find out if CBD can benefit you. Cannabidiol can be tolerated well in Canada and most states of the United States (Idaho and Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota are the exceptions). Side effects are very mild.