Blue Lagoon Tour Split Croatia

Explore the natural wonders and
immerse yourself in Croatia’s
coastal beauty!

The Blue lagoon Croatia is not the usual adventure you are thinking of. Croatia has no coral reefs, but this does not mean that there are no blue lagoons. Blue lagoon in Croatia are usually formed between many small islands, which are usually separated by shallow lagoons between them. We call them blue lagoons and we like and we are pretty sure you will do the same.

Since the Adriatic Sea around the Croatian Islands is always crystal clear, the shallow water in the lagoon is so clear that you can easily see the seafloor all the time. Blue Lagoon in Croatia offers you an experience seeing a variety of fish and other sea animals from the bottom of the beautiful lagoons here.

Such a natural sign of clean, healthy and pollution-free Blue lagoon in Croatia make them more attractive. Sea urchins are not dangerous because they move slowly on the ground floor. You should only be careful not to step on them because of spikes, but since the sea is so clear, it is not a problem. You can easily see them even without a snorkelling mask.

If you are already in Split, Croatia a Blue Lagoon trip is the top thing in your to-do list.

The Blue lagoon between Drevnik and Krknjasi islands is one of the famous Blue Lagoon tour from Split in Croatia. This half-day tour from Split will take you to an enchanting journey of transparently blue waters around you. This is a perfect location for diving, swimming or snorkelling and you don’t want to miss it!

Including all the water sports fun, a blue lagoon trip from Split has a lot more to offer you. A half-day boat tour beginning from the Matejuska Pier will take you to the amazing blue lagoon on the island Drvenik Veli, plus you will have the opportunity to explore the small fishing village Maslinica on the island Solta. Afterwards, you can explore UNESCO protected historical town Trogir.

Furthermore, if you are one of the most fortunate expecting some other ways then a blue lagoon trip from Split by a boat is one of the best things to do. Act smarter and summon a boat for a day to break away from the city crowds and noisy summer- all for the sake of this Adriatic pool glowing in different shades of blue. Get your snorkelling gear and explore this cerulean paradise made of the beautiful seafloor composed of crushed seashells and white sand.