What’s the Right Way to Use A Sup Pump  

Enjoying your weekend with the SUP board is one of the fantastic ideas. However, inflating your sup is one task that everyone prefers through the right and easy way. Nowadays, numerous sup pumps help you inflate your sup without much effort. A good quality sup pump can inflate up to 21 PSI air within a few minutes, isn’t that amazing?

But wait! Do you really know the right way to use a sup pump?

Don’t worry; this article will help you in detail and give you the knowledge of how you can inflate your sup with an electric pump; without investing much time.

Follow the below-listed points to use your sup pump effortlessly.

Charge Your Pump:

Before transferring the air to your sup, it’s essential to charge your pump. Electric pump store power and use it to inflate your sup. The best way to charge your pump is with a fuse. Insert the fuse and connect your pump with the power cord. Every pump comes with an LED indicator for full charging, ongoing charging, and low-battery indicators. Hence you can stop charging after the full-charge light appears.  

Connect Pump with Sup:

Post-full-charge, it’s time to connect your pump with the sup. Before starting the pump, make sure the connection is made properly and no leakage is present. You must ensure proper connectivity of the hose with the sup valve. This way, you will utilize full pump electricity to inflate the sup. If you find any leakage between the connections, it’s better to stop the inflation process and rectify the leakage.

Start Inflating Your Sup:

Once everything is OK, you can power own the sup pump and start inflating the sup. Just press the ON button on the pump and let it do the rest. The entire inflation process will take a few minutes. However, throughout the process, the pump will show you the PSI inflated in your sup. Keep an eye on the PSI units and stop the pump once you are done with the required air. 

There are multi-sensor sump pumps that run smartly and do most of your tasks. Smart sup pumps have sensors that automatically switch off once the sup is fully inflated and your sup is full. Once your pump stops to inflate further, unplug the connector and close the hose. Simultaneously, close the valve of your sup and start enjoying sea surfing.

You will find multiple sup pumps in the market that varies based on their prices, features, and brand. You are always recommended to invest a bit more than standard/cheap products and go for branded pumps. The branded pump comes with a specific onsite-warranty.

Further, sup pumps have numerous features that influence their price as well. Some pumps don’t have LED indicators, auto on/off sensors, PSI unit indicators, etc. Mostly cheap and local pumps have these drawbacks. However, most of the legit and genuine pumps come with all these traits that make it the perfect sup pump to invest in.

So, if you are a newbie sea surfer and looking for the right way to inflate your sup with the sup pumps, read this article thoroughly and follow it accordingly.