Great Saving Tips for a Wild Sea Adventure at La Jolla

Creating fun and memorable experiences in La Jolla need not be an expensive endeavor.

La Jolla is a hilly, seaside resort community along the Pacific Ocean located in Southern California. La Jolla showcases stunning geological forms, ranging from sandy beaches to rocky shorelines. The most intriguing and compelling geological features of La Jolla is its oceanfront. It has a combination of rugged shorelines, sandy coastlines and wild seal congregations.  This community is known for its popular sandy beaches and has become a popular tourist spot amongst travelers and vacationers from around the world.

Saving tips: A trip to La Jolla does not have to cost you an arm and leg if you take time to do your research, book your stay at a budget inn or a value hotel, explore cheap or free attractions, and make the most of fun outdoor activities without spending a dime.

Where to Stay While Visiting La Jolla

La Jolla hotel reservations can be obtained at discounted prices. That is, if you do your booking way ahead of time. Knowing that, it will be to your advantage if you start looking for hotels months before your scheduled trip. Keep in mind that hotels provide special room rates for visitors who make room reservations early on so if you want to maximize your budget, book a room at least 21 days before (your planned vacation) or earlier.

Those who wish to find the best accommodations in La Jolla can still save money by comparing rates of the top and popular hotels in the area. If you are willing to spend for a comfortable, luxury and upscale accommodation, then consider booking a room at Grande Colonial Hotel, Hotel La Jolla, La Jolla Shores Hotel, or at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine.

Those on the lookout for budget friendly accommodations need not worry since La Jolla is also surrounded by quaint bed & breakfast, affordable independently owned properties, cheap cottages, cozy inns and value hotels. Visitors who have a constrained budget can set aside more money for their trip by staying at Travelodge La Jolla Beach, Inn at La Jolla, La Jolla Village Lodge. Accommodations here may not be as elegant and grandiose as compared to those offered in five-star hotels but visitors are still assured to have a restful and peaceful sleep after a tiring day of touring the beautiful community of La Jolla. provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.

Exploring La Jolla on a Budget

Start your day at La Jolla by visiting one of its fine beaches, the Torrey Pine State Reserve is a relaxing haven of sandy white beach and beautiful sandstone cliffs. The extreme waves are also a come on for the surfers at heart. It is a wilderness island nestled in an urban sea, which offers fantastic scenery. Hikers can also enjoy rummaging through its great ravines and high broken cliffs.  At a very affordable rate at 8 dollars per car, tourists get to experience the wonderful thrill Torrey Pine State has to offer, seniors get a discounted rate at 7 dollars.

Most experienced surfers frequent the Wind and Sea Beach. It is best known for its beautiful scenery and surf breaks created by the underwater reefs. It has separate water areas for swimming and surfing. Its challenging, hard waves are a must visit for any surfers. Good news is that, they charge entrance fee at a cheap rate. Therefore, even budget travelers would enjoy the place without having to bust their budget.

If you want to check out La Jolla’s largest cave, an adventure to the La Jolla caves would be the perfect thing for you. Exploring the cave will not cost you that much. In fact, you just have to spend around 4 dollars to get the chance to see the largest grottoes in La Jolla. Climb 145 steps and you are on your way to the largest grotto, the Sunny Jim Cave. Tourists get to have a fascinating glimpse of what lies under this California shoreline.

Those who want to maximize their La Jolla Vacation should consider availing a cheap tour. The Sand and Kayak tours offer a whirlwind adventure at a very reasonable price.  For a group of five, you only get to pay an average of 50 dollars. Even kids can enjoy this great outdoor activity.  The rentals are inclusive of the helmets and life vests. Kayak lessons and bike safety lessons are provided on each tour. Tourists will surely get the best experience while making sure that they will be kept safe during the entire tour. Educational information and sightseeing is an added bonus to this trip. At 86 dollars for a two-person kayak, the La Jolla Kayak offers a quick sea adventure that is well worth every penny.