Mediterranean Cruise: Picture Perfect Proposal Location

Ready to experience something new? Want an occasion to remember with the love of your life? Set sail on a Mediterranean Cruise, exploring some local destinations in Croatia, Italy, and Greece, while making memories that will last a lifetime. The Mediterranean is home to vibrant colors, fresh air, and a rich, historical cultural culture unlike any other.

Proposing to spend the rest of your life with the person you love is no easy task. A Mediterranean Cruise is the perfect opportunity for you to find the courage to ask the question while spending a lot of intimate time with the most important person in your life. The cruise ship itself has a lot to offer: nice rooms, dining, dancing, entertainment, sunbathing and swimming, and special drinks at the bars to name a few.

Imagine your cruise ship stops to port in Italy, the land of love. You and your partner leave port and stroll hand-in-hand through cobblestone streets. You admire the local markets, while listening to music and laughter of locals enjoying life. You rent a moped and explore the town with the locals before stopping into a cafe to enjoy an espresso. You then take a stroll and sit on cathedral steps while enjoying some gelato and talking with your future fiance. Then head to admire some of the beautiful art you can only find in Italy. You then head to a local winery for a nice dinner and a special bottle of wine. What better way to end the night in Venice than enjoying an intimate moonlit gondola ride?

If you haven’t yet found the courage to propose don’t worry as the sun hasn’t set on your opportunities yet. Let the rest of your life with your love begin with the sunrise on the Aegean Sea while in Greece after watching the warm shades or red, orange and yellows bounce off of the crystal sea. Greece also allows you the opportunity to go explore the historical ruins of the ancient temples such as the temple of Aphrodite. Admire the well known blue roofs along the sea before cooling off at one of the many world renown beaches. Then, add some adventure to your day by going snorkeling and exploring a deeper layer of life and love.

If you have somehow managed to not pop the biggest question of your life yet, don’t worry, you’re still in luck as your Mediterranean Cruise isn’t over yet. Your ship stops at a port in vibrant Croatia. Here you will be surrounded by picture perfect beaches and thousands of islands. What is more romantic than a walk through bright forests to find a cascading waterfall? Satisfy your hunger with some fresh, local seafood and wine before rendezvousing with the cruise ship.

If you have experienced all of these romantic adventures but were too nervous to propose, then you are in luck. Choosing to propose on a cruise offers you some opportunities to have others help you ask the most important question of your life. For example, while you will enjoy many moments with the love of your life in foreign countries while at port you will also be experiencing a ton of time with them on the ship. While enjoying some entertainment one night, enlist the help of the show and have them find a creative way to pop the question. This will not only be memorable, but you won’t have to find the courage to ask yourself. Another wonderful opportunity is to hire a plane at one of the ports to sky right the question for you. Imagine you are admiring the turquoise coastal waters and clear skies when you look up and see the question spelled out before you? Want to explore new heights, how about a helicopter tour to see the sights? Options for a picture-perfect proposal are endless while you are cruising the beautiful Mediterranean.