The wonders of Lake Orta and the journey that will leave you stunned 

We do not believe it and we foresee many places that can be reached in Italy and that will leave you breathless. Piedmont is certainly one of the most beautiful areas with its lake Orta. How can we sum up the extraordinary nature of this place? Lake Orta in Italy: the journey you don’t expect.


Lake Orta Italy is a pleasant surprise, considering that there are many itineraries to follow and many activities to do. Initially it may have seemed, there are many goodies in this wonderful part of Piedmont. We can define this lake almost as an oasis of peace and extraordinary beauty! Less than two hours from Alba, on a road with little traffic, heading north, we arrive at the area of ​​the most famous Piedmontese lakes: Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore …. difficult to choose, ideal destinations for a day, for a weekend or for a whole week! Already the road is something exceptional all dotted with rice fields that seen all sunrise or sunset are all to be photographed!


The two lakes are not far from each other, and in fact it takes just half an hour to move from Lake Orta to Lake Maggiore. There are so many things to see and do that, in the end, you could even decide to stay still by the lake, perhaps with a glass of white in your hand, simply to contemplate one of the most beautiful places in Italy! We begin to examine the shores of Lake Maggiore, which has to offer the wonderful Gardens of Villa Taranto: a paradise for lovers of flowers and plants. A pleasant walk perhaps with a guide who will help you a lot to savor the beauty of this immense park.

It is precisely from the shore of Lake Maggiore that you can decide to transfer your attention elsewhere. In fact, before going to Orta, know that it will be mandatory to sail to the three Borromean islands: Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori At this point you are ready for Lake Orta which in terms of Islands, there is not a single one, that of Orta San Giulio, a place of quiet, meditation and silence. A real gem from every point of view.


A beautiful stop will be in Orta, from which you can easily reach Switzerland, which we recommend. In fact, around the town, you can decide to take the panoramic train of the Centovalli, and then decide to stay in characteristic structures. We can therefore conclude by saying that Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore are fully part of the Wonderful Piedmont cycle and of the slow places for the soul that we like!